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Area 85 Archives Meetings


Archives Committee Meeting – Second Thursday of the month 5:00 pm at Lakehead Intergroup 
Nov 14, 2019  -  Dec 12, 2019

Archives Filing – Fourth Thursday of the month 5:00 pm at Lakehead Intergroup Actively seeking more Committee Members
Nov 28, 2019  -  Dec 26, 2019


At the meetings, items that have been contributed about Area 85 will be considered for acceptance into the archives and any A.A. member is welcome to help with doing this. To contact the Archives Sub-Committee directly, e-mail:

 The Area 85 Archives Sub-Committee has adopted a manual to help us in collecting items pertaining to Northwestern Ontario. With this manual we can properly keep track of our archived materials in Area 85 now and in the future.

Please feel free to read through the manual to see what our process is for dealing with your donations of A.A. history documents and memorabilia:

 Has your group sent in its Group History to the Area 85 Archives Committee? (see page 33 in the manual below)

Archives Manual of Information 1.4.1

If you would like to have the Area 85 Archives at your Function, please fill out the form below at least thirty days prior and send it to the Archives Committee.
Request for Archives Display